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    We know exactly what you need to succeed in today’s economy. Us! Along with our great merchant tools we offer great rates. Check out the links below and compare.

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    With TotaLink, you can create the capabilities your customer requires. Our developer kit gives you the tools you need to be the hero. Our robust API’s will help you save the day. Take a look at what we include.

    Robust API's:
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  • Resellers

    Strong relationships are key to success. That’s why we created our reseller program. You build the relationships required to succeed and benefit from the residual cash-flow you create. Check us out and you’ll see what we mean.

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What is the difference between success and failure? In the business world, success is measured by cash flow and profitability. Successful business owners understand that it is imperative to collect for the sale of goods and services as quickly as possible. Any delay in the customer payment cycle creates additional product cost as well as ties up existing capital that could be used to maintain and expand your business. Cash flow problems are the first step to failure! A company that plans properly automates its customer payment cycle to insure its own survival.

Since success is your goal, how do you get there in a cost effective and efficient manner? The first thing you do is team-up with a company that already has a road map and a strategy; a company that already knows the way. With TotaLink, you get that guide! Since we have traveled the merchant services path numerous times, we know where the traps are and can help you navigate your business to success. Our commitment is to give you the merchant services and development tools you need to maximize productivity and profits. Our approach to personalized service allows us to provide the right solution, at the right price and at the right moment to meet your needs.
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