• Resellers

    If you’re like most of our resellers, you already have a customer base and core product offering. Those customers that make up your clientele trust your judgment because you have taken the time to create solid relationships with them. Because of your current offering, you aren’t able to up sell your clientele any further. You need another product or service to offer them; something new, but related to what you currently sell. Better yet, something that creates a residual income! You want a product that won’t require a large capital or time investment; one that creates a substantial revenue stream. That product is TotaLink! By adding TotaLink you add value to your current product offering without creating additional inventory or support overhead. All you do is what you’re currently doing…nothing more. We do the rest! Put plainly, TotaLink will grow and expand your business by giving you yet another reason to work with your customer. The way to solidify relationships is to have multiple reasons to do so. TotaLink adds another reason!

    Check out a few of the benefits we offer:

    Aggressive residual programs with flexible pricing and product
    Access to our robust software development kits. (SDK’s)
    Life time residual payment structure
    24/7/365 support
    Access to 3rd tier support for resellers and their merchants
    Direct access to marketing and advertising resources
    Web access to your merchants portfolio
    Custom integration and interfaces for your applications

    Access To:
    Shopping Carts Terminals
    Mobile Interface Payment Gateway
    And much More!

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